Office 365 Groups That Make Office Interaction and Communication Easy


Communication is an integral component in all aspects of human existence. In business, communication is just as important. In an organization, there are three aspects of communication. There is communication between employees, communication between employers and employees, and communication between the organization and their clients or customers. All these play an integral part in how the organization runs. However, it may be challenging at times. Distortion of information is one of the major challenges. When information has to be passed around using more than one challenge, it is prone to distortion especially information between fellow workers and worker and their seniors. For these reasons, organizations have come up with ways to improve the communication facet of their businesses through means like office 365 distribution group.

What Are Distribution Groups and Security Groups?

Distribution groups are generally a means for communication via group email. A group email account is developed, that is the distribution group, its users are listed, and all these users can be emailed automatically as opposed to sending each user an individual email or having the message passed along from one user to another.

It is also possible to set certain options like not including one or even more of the listed users in an email blast or allowing an external user to receive the email from the group. The technical term used to refer to the listed users is the distribution list.The users do not have to have their own email accounts since they share the email which is visible in a global address. Creating a distribution group is easy and it does not need an administration hence easy to access.

A security group, on the other hand, is used to assign permission to the enlisted users so that they can access features like web pages, document library of other important documents and SharePoint sited in an organization. A security group is usually programmed in such a way that the users enlisted share common sets of authorities to access certain sites or features. This is so that the administrator can be able to grant access to an entire security group rather than doing so for every individual. The administrator can also add and deduct from the security group. For instance, if a non- member requests access to some features they can be added to the group for that specific access grant they require. A security group can also be email embedded.

An email embedded security group is one in which the admin can send emails to the whole group. The purpose of the email is to notify the members that they have been granted access to certain features automatically.

There other types of office groups that are used for communication in the office. They can be used to collaborate or schedule meetings. These groups are easy to access since all the users must do is create them and join them, two simple steps. The aim of having listed users is to prevent private messages from being intercepted by the wrong people.

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