The guide to door mat shopping. How to choose the best?


It lies on a flat surface. It’s everywhere. It’s something you almost forget every day.

It’s your doormat. A well-chosen, beautiful doormat will be functional and attractive. It adds beauty and function to your home. It creates an atmosphere of welcoming friends and strangers. It even helps keep your home clean.

How can you pick beautiful and functional doormats? This guide will provide you with information and guidance to help you choose the perfect doormats.

Factors to consider when buying a door mat

Your doormat the ultimate multi-functional home accessory. It adds beauty and warmth to your home. It acts as a gateway stopping dirt, pests and allergens getting into your house.

Consider several factors when looking for a mat. These include materials, size and thickness as well as style.

What materials do you need?

Doormats come with a variety materials. Each material has their own advantages.

Coir door mats

Coir doormats and other natural alternatives are great for homeowners who care about the environmental impact of what they do. Coir comes from the coconut husk and is a natural fibre. Coir can be used as a resource for future generations.

It also uses a small amount of coconut that would otherwise be discarded and it is biodegradable. It helps to reduce waste from the production of household products. Don’t throw out a coir-doormat that has reached the end. Instead, you can just put it in your backyard compost pile.

Coir doormats also make it easy for you to clean. Coir doormats resist insects, mold, and moisture. Coir doormats have these qualities and are one of the most popular exterior mats for homeowners. They can withstand any weather conditions and help to keep bugs, water and allergens out of your home.

Coir mats are a great choice for durability. Coir mats that are high quality can withstand heavy foot traffic for 6-10 year.

A high-quality, coir doormat will keep you and your guest’s safe during that time. Coir mats are available at different thicknesses. Coir mats may also be sold by retailers without backing.

Our 40 mm mats, which are the best quality mats, have a thickness that is slip-resistant, even without a backing. For added protection, we offer coir backed mats with a slip resistant rubber backing.

Coir doormats also come in a variety to fit any home’s style.

Rubber door mats

Rubber floor mats provide exterior protection and are extremely durable. They are very easy to clean and effectively trap dirt and water before it enters your home. They stay put so they are a safe choice.

Style and sustainability are the two main drawbacks of rubber mats. There are limited options when it comes to style and sustainability when you choose a rubber floor mat. Many rubber doormats have a basic design, most of them being black.

Doormats that combine rubber and other materials like coir are now being offered by retailers. Combinations of materials can enhance both functionality and design. Some rubber doormat designs incorporate scrolls and borders to increase sophistication.

Beauty at your door

There’s always a charming person either side of your door when you answer it. There should be a doormat that is equally as beautiful beneath you.

You are sure to find the right waterhog mats for your home with our variety of gorgeous options. You’re sure to find something that’s functional, durable, and sustainably made.

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