6 Steps for Establishing a Cleaning Regimen for Your Properties


As a company offering complete facility management services, we have worked with other facility management companies on setting up cleaning regimens for their properties. In many cases, we have acted as the cleaning contractor as well. We know from experience that trying to keep up with cleaning when you are managing multiple properties can be a challenge.

It has been our experience that organization is the most important key to effective cleaning. When you have multiple properties that you are having to take care of, being organized makes it easier to stay on top of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Do you run a facilities management company that struggles with routine cleaning? If so, here are six steps for establishing a cleaning regimen for every property you manage:

Step #1: Analyze Facility Needs

Because facility management companies tend to specialize in the industries they serve, we are willing to bet that most of your properties have similar cleaning needs. But you cannot know that without sitting down and analyzing the needs for each one individually.

Therefore, the first step is to analyze each facility on its own. Figure out exactly what needs to be cleaned and how often cleaning needs to take place. Look for similarities at your various properties. They will help in future steps.

Step #2: List the Cleaning Tasks

With a facility analysis out of the way, the next step is to create an actual list of all the cleaning tasks. You can handwrite the list or make it electronically. What matters is that your list is as complete as you can possibly make it. You are going to need a comprehensive list in order to move to the next step.

Step #3: Organize the Tasks by Frequency

Next, you’re going to take that list of cleaning tasks and organize them by frequency. Why frequency? Because it is the single biggest factor in creating a schedule. Some of the tasks on your list will be done daily or every other day. Other tasks might be weekly or monthly.

Organizing by frequency will make it easier for you to create an efficient and effective schedule. You might also find that it helps you group the tasks by the amount of time each one takes, how many people each task will require, etc.

Step #4: Designate Cleaning Crew Responsibilities

Figuring out what needs to be cleaned and how frequently to clean it is only half the equation. The other half deals with the people who will do the actual work. Therefore, the fourth step is to designate cleaning crew responsibilities.

You might assign one crew to restroom cleaning while another team takes care of the office. Perhaps you have one or two team members who are especially adept at cleaning floors. They can be assigned to just that task.

Step #5: Put a Schedule on Paper

With the previous four steps complete, you are finally ready to put a schedule on paper. Look at your task list and crew assignments carefully. Based on what needs to be done and who you have to do it, fill in your schedule.

Step #6: Plan Regular Schedule Reviews

The final step in all of this is to plan for regular schedule reviews. If nothing else, schedules are meant to be modified. Review how things are going by speaking with both cleaning crew and management.

Take some time to inspect facilities as well. Take in as much information as possible, analyze it, and modify the schedule as needed. The chances are pretty good that your cleaning schedule will gradually evolve over time.

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