Components of A Successful Business


Every business needs to be built or run with a purpose. It should be a combination of something that you love to do, something that earns you money and something that you are experienced in doing. So, how do you choose a business and have a vision for the long run? Here are some thoughts.

Your Business Is Your Passion

If you are just like Martha Stewart who transformed her home and craft expertise into a decorating empire, starting a business should come naturally to you. No matter how much or how little the business will make, even if you don’t earn any money, when you love to do something and create a business out of it, nothing can stop you in your venture. On the other hand, running a business which is also your passion will give you all the reasons to get up in the morning and look forward for an interesting day. In essence, to be successful in business, the work involved should be something you love to do and not something that you are doing out of necessity.

Your Business Is Your Talent 

Think about people in the technology industry like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who started out as a small business owners and turned their companies into household names. Their vision for business was based on what they were good at, their unique ability, talent or expertise. Similarly, you have to be good at something like a hobby that you have been occupied in since young in order to turn it into a business. For instance, if you are good at sales and marketing, your business should be related to managing people. A great cook cannot run a restaurant if he or she is not into people. On a similar note, someone who is good at preparing tax and hate interaction with clients face-to-face can only start a tax business online, but not a service in a brick and mortar setup. For more info, visit

Your Business Is Profitable

Again, your business needs to earn money and make profit eventually. Just because you have a passion for a particular hobby doesn’t mean you have a business in place. Until you treat that hobby as a profitable business, you cannot take advantage of the success it offers. Everything requires profit. Paying your employees requires profit. Procuring materials and machinery requires profit. And taking the business to the next level requires profit. Without profit, it is just a hobby without a clear vision for the long term. Unfortunately, many business owners start out with focus on profit making. But then they get lost and lose motivation along the way. Some of the leaders in the tech industry found their passion and created a business out of it. They naturally gave attention to the profit making part because they saw the need and found the right motivation without fail. You too can reach that same point of greatness if you believe that profit is an integral of your business.


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